Open Studio Apartment by Dan Vakhramieiev

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Mar 2016 3:00 am | Apartments

This project was designed by Dan Vakhramieiev, who is the creative director of The FILD design studio, and it consists of the redevelopment and conversion of a two room loft into a studio apartment in Kiev, Ukraine.

The building dates from the pre-revolutionary age and it still has the original old moldings at the entrance. The apartment spreads over a surface of 58.5 square meters and has an open plan interior with the kitchen and bedroom integrated into a single space while the dressing room and bathroom has a separate area.

The functional zones are divided with the aid of the illumination so that there are metal fixtures similar to tubes on the ceiling with fluorescent lamps above the kitchen and bathroom areas. A small dining table sits between the kitchen and bedroom so that basically the entire loft is comprised of just a single space that unites all the functions together. This open design was possible since the persons living inside are a couple and privacy wasn’t an issue.



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