Open-Plan Apartment in Birkastan Stockholm

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Nov 2013 6:12 pm | Apartments

This apartment is located in the lovely Birkastan area which is a part of Vasastan, Stockholm, Sweden and although it has a surface of only 73 square meters this is quite a lot for a Nordic loft and every inch of it is impressive.

The predominant tone of the interior is the white color that covers all the walls and ceiling and the floor maintains the same motif with the light wooden planks. There are touches of color and texture which give the space a strong character such as the purple pillows or the cow leather in the living room.

There are a lot of windows and the open plan makes the interior even brighter with the living room, kitchen and dining space all integrated into the same area. The operating fireplace and the beautiful stucco add extra elegance to the apartment and it fits well in a building that was created a century ago.



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