One Wybelenna by Shaun Lockyer Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Jul 2013 7:15 pm | Homes

One Wybeenna is a house designed by the practice of Shaun Lockyer Architects in the city of Brisbane, Australia to replace a cottage designed by Robin Gibson which was previously on side.

The former cottage used to be a kind of landmark in the region and thus the designers took their inspiration from Gibson and Neutra to create a contemporary response in which the modernist style is still used throughout.

The geometry of the project is long and linear so that the rooms take advantage of the sun during the winter and during the summers they provide easy access to the garden and swimming pool.

The project also incorporates sustainable elements such as the green roofs, a water tank with a 140000l capacity, photovoltaic cells producing 15kW of power and a structure which was mostly built using recycled materials such as stone and timber. The exterior is completed by zinc, slate, travertine and tallow wood to ensure a beautiful and lasting home.



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