Ölhafen Bridge by schneider+schumacher

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Mar 2014 8:01 pm | Bridges

The Olhafen Bridge was designed by the Schneider + Schumacher architectural practice for the pedestrians and cyclists that want to enter the oil terminal harbor located along the Main River in Raunheim, Germany.

The bridge spans over a length of 170 meters across the entrance to the oil terminal and it can be accessed through a spiraling ramp that gives the project a sculptural character. The structural engineers of the project are SchusslerPlan and the style of the bridge is influenced by its location near the industrial harbor.

The oil depot transports and stores highly flammable substances so the bridge was designed to prevent the passers-by from gaining access to the nearby tankers to improve their safety. The structure also offers unobstructed views of the river and, when seen from above, it has an undulating S-shape culminating with the access ramp built with white concrete on one side and on the other with a ramp that has the shape o a wall curved gently.



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