Old British Sea Fort trasformed into a luxury Island Resort

By : Mark V | 15 Jun 2015 9:56 pm | Other

Although the exterior look of this old British sea fort might not seem too impressive since it has the original infrastructure, the interior has been updated into a stylish and modern resort for those who really value their privacy.

The old fortress is made from exposed brick walls and even has some of its original cannons to remind the visitors of its former use. Most of the other furnishings though are quite new and are surely going to offer you all the comfort you can hope for. There is a hot tub on the rook, a sauna, a sun deck, a champagne bar, a library, a wine cellar and three restaurants and bars that are opened for all the guests that are either staying in one of the nine rooms, or are just out for dinner or brunch.

You can reach the fort through a helicopter towards the No Man’s Fort and then go to the Spitbank Fort or you can also take a boat from Gosport. Offering plenty to do and also plenty of privacy, this fort is definitely going to provide you with wonderful experiences… for the price of 565 dollars per night.


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