Office 05 by i29 interior architects + VMX Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Aug 2014 8:08 pm | Offices

The MediaXplain media agency commissioned the practice of VMX Architects and the i29 interior designers to create their new office space inside an industrial building located in the Houthavens at the old Port of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The area is developing rapidly to provide offices and residential structures with a connection to the harbor and the designers took advantage of the view toward the water and docks by implementing a completely open façade set at an angle to cancel the reflections of the glass.

The office has an open layout with a large space in the building’s center and the interior design matches the structure of the building with raw concrete walls, by creating a setting in which rough oak wood, black furniture and custom designed concrete carpets predominate.

The offices are connected via an industrial staircase and the private offices are interconnected with meeting rooms, a print area and a pantry at the back.


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