Odessa Restaurant by YOD Design Lab

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Oct 2015 6:51 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Odessa restaurant in the center of Kiev, Ukraine was first opened in 1962 and was recently refurbished by the studio YOD Design Lab which maintained some of the old charm and comfort but brought it up to date by improving the illumination and trendiness of the place.

The name of the restaurant is taken from the city located on the seaside of the Black Sea and the city has its originality by mixing a long history with its own ethnic flavor evident to all those who went there for a visit.

The designers didn’t just take the easy way out and crowd the restaurant with motifs and elements associated with the city, but rather struggled to identify some of its “invisible associative links” which when put together would recreate the same ambiance as that of the city.

The restaurant is decorated with ropes and they also have their role in the illumination creating a very cozy ambiance which together with the wooden furniture and large glass panels makes the place attractive and original.



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