Nursery in Boulay by Paul Le Quernec Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Nov 2013 8:10 pm | Education

The practice of Paul Le Quernec Architects designed this nursery in Boulay, France with a joyful aesthetic and a focus on the safety and protection of the children.

The project has a fluid shape and there are almost no sharp edges, so that the sweeping forms extend to the landscape surrounding the building. Since the planning regulations weren’t very imposing, the designers were allowed to create an unconventional spatial organization that maintains constant connection between the areas and an open plan.

The nursery features no internal hallways in its surface of 1000 square meters, being arranged around a central volume that connects all the areas in a manner similar to that of a tent which was enclosed with a polycarbonate ceiling to bring additional natural light inside.

The roof extends over the playground to create extra safety during the recreation and allow it to be used throughout the year. The construction methods are conventional and use insulated clay bricks which were coated and patterned with specific motifs, while inside double plasterboards comprise the partition walls.



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