NS Stations by NL Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Jul 2013 6:44 pm | Offices

NS Stations hosts the home base for the department of the Dutch Railway and is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Designed by the practice of NL Architects the building spreads over 15 floors in the shape of a tower built right atop Utrecht Centraal which is the largest railway station in the Netherlands. Since the building is directly connected with the station, the entrance to it was placed right in the Central Hall thus linking the two volumes together even more.

The concrete building has the elevator core and structural beams left visible with a floor plan divided into typical office cells with a large hallway in the middle and several walls which organize the space while also offering storage space for wardrobes, bookshelves, boards of archives.

Due to the setting of the interior workspace, there is increased connectivity to support interaction and a flex-work system will be introduced in the future so that there won’t be a fixed workstation anymore, but rather a range of working environments from which you can choose your favorite.



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