By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Aug 2014 8:09 am | Apartments

The sleek Nomads apartment is a beautiful space located in the heart of Berlin, Germany with manly tones of charcoal gray and dark brown, offering a perfect setting for a short visit into the city.

You can rent the space for a short term, even for only two days and up to one month. The apartment spreads over a surface of 150 square meters and you can access it via an elevator. There are three bedrooms with double beds, a large and elegant living room, two bathrooms with bathtub and shower as well as a balcony.

The living area combines white walls with a black ceiling and dark wood flooring and its ambiance is defined by raw masculine textures, there is even a boxing bag here and a fireplace sets the mood. The furniture pieces were carefully chosen for a well balanced setting with an open floor plan and a contemporary aesthetic.


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