The Night and Day Penthouse by Daniel Hopwood

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Feb 2015 5:30 pm | Apartments

The Night and Day Penthouse located in the Bermondsey district of London, UK was designed by the Daniel Hopwood architectural practice for a young American and the project is a study in contrast between rough and polished surfaces, old and new parts and light with darkness interplays.

The bachelor pad was created as an ideal party setting with resilient materials and finishes. The living area has an open layout and features floor to ceiling windows for an overview of the city with a large sofa in the center and a cozy atmosphere enriched through the addition of several accent pillows for more texture.

There wasn’t much need for storage areas so the bookshelves allowed more flavor and the living area continues with the dining room which takes elements from different parts with a custom made table made of reclaimed wood and a polished steel ceiling to reflect it as well as antique French armchairs and Bertoia side chairs.


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