New Whirlpool Showroom in Chicago

By : Mark V | 4 Oct 2011 7:10 am | Interiors, Stores / Showrooms

The Whirlpool Corporation sure knows how to welcome its clients. The corporation has chosen a historic building in Chicago’s River North neighborhood to host there a showroom, a training center and a meeting space. The design of the showroom is innovative since the Whirlpool Corporation is known to be one of the major producers of kitchen and laundry appliances in the entire world.

It’s located in a penthouse space and the brand collections found there invite all types of possible customers because the products vary as they encapsulate all sorts of appliances. The showroom also has a special place designed for sales training where the sales team can learn and practice the utility of the products, internal and external product feature and hospitality venues to welcome the customers.

It’s a very interesting story how the showroom came to life. The Valerio Dewalt Train Associates talked with the product designers from Whirlpool in Benton Harbor, Michigan so they can have an idea of the company’s image, of what the customers liked about the brand and what the company represented. They looked at the existing showroom spaces, then at appliances that were found in retail stores. It took them an entire day to settle on the vision of the showroom and to estimate the space needed for such a project.

The customer impact is powerful since the sales teams train every day. They study the products, they learn about its features then they cook or use the projects so that the customer will receive an objective idea of the thing they want to buy for their household.
The showroom also has a clock tower conference room used for breaks and a terrace.

Jenn-Air and KitchenAid brands take care of planning receptions for designers; they also provide space and explanations for kitchen design influencers and they also deal with charitable events.

As you get out the elevator you can notice that the lobby is spacious and the view points to the outdoor space making the lobby sunny. The outdoor space has its own terrace and a fireplace designed for outdoors and you can also find here the demonstration kitchens. Around this area you can locate Whirlpool’s major attraction, the primary brands that are exposed indoors.

The display of the kitchen brands has a very unique design. Every brand is separated one from another with a single word that encapsulates the essence of the brands. We have “precise” for Jenn-Air, “convivial” for KitchenAid, “innovative” for Whirlpool, and “durable” for Maytag.

Each space hosts the materials, the details, furniture and various cabinetry forms. To hold all the brands together, under the name of Whirlpool, the designers thought to unite the displays with a white plaster cove that starts from the lobby and surrounds the entire perimeter, from the floor to the ceiling, creating a sort of canopy over all the products and appliances.

If you go on the rooftop penthouse you can spot the Chicago River on one side and the skyline of the city on the other part.


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