New Perth Sports Precinct Stadium

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Jul 2014 3:22 pm | Stadiums

The development of the New Perth Sports Precinct continues with a 60000 seat stadium at the center of the complex which features a design created by a team comprised of COX Architecture, HKS Architects, Arup and Hassel Studio.

The arena has five tiers and a roof covering over 85 percent of the seats, but the most impressive element of the project is the bronze façade that wraps the circular structure while also acting as a reflecting surface for the land of Western Australia.

The interior is illuminated by LEDs and the white shading canopy stands out during the nighttime with a pattern combining the colors of the home team. Aside from football, the facility can also host soccer, cricket, track-and-field events and concerts and it will be the home of the Western Force rugby team and of the West Coast Eagles as well as of the Freemantle FC AFL clubs.



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