The New Orangery by WWAA

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Feb 2015 12:53 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The New Orangery is a building in the Royal Lazienki Museum complex in Warsaw, Poland and it is 160 years old, bringing the function of a palm house together with a collection of exotic plants and the Belvedere Restaurant that became its main part in the last years.

The project was updated by the WWAA architectural practice in 2014 to bring more cohesion between the different functions of the interior and the space is divided over three floors with the main entrance on the first level.

There are two different shades of gray on the floor to imitate the path in a garden maze and the upper floor has an elevated platform that rises above the floor level to create a connection with the bar, cloakroom, restrooms and the facilities for food and beverages. One of the main attractions is a perforated structure made of Corten steel which is the frame on which the climbing plants live acting as a background for the exotic trees at the same time and improving the dialogue between the architecture and the landscape.


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