New International Airport of New Mexico by Foster+ Partners, FR-EE and Netherlands Airport Consultants

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Sep 2014 7:41 am | Airports

The international competition for the design of the New International Airport of New Mexico was won by a collaboration between the architectural practice of Foster+ Partners, FR-EE (Fernando Romero Enterprise) and Netherlands Airport Consultants, with a project that will create one of the largest airports in the world with a total surface of 555000 square meters.

A continuous grindshell encloses the whole terminal with a structure that streches over the walls and roof as a single flowing form that evokes the idea of flying. This innovative design was conceived by the engineering team of Foster + Partners and aside from the aesthetic features, the airport wants to be the most eco-friendly one in the world.

The materials and energy needed for the project is less that that needed by a cluster of buildings and it permits an easy flow of travellers since the passenger numbers are estimated to increase. The architecture is inspired by the traditional mexican architecture and symbolism with an environmental skin that harnesses sunlight, collects rainwater and enables views of the surroundings.


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