New City Flower by UA Studio 7

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Mar 2014 8:47 pm | Skyscrapers

Called the New City Flower, this skyscraper is located in Fushun City in the Liaoning Province of China and it was designed by the UA Studio 7 starting from an initial concept and exploring it until the arrival at the flower theme with a cylindrical body that resembles the shape of a rose bud.

There are six curved sides that give the exterior shell an elegant style that evokes the rose petals while also protecting the inner core of the tower. The project is in the new center of the town, in the junction area of Fushun and Shenyang with the tower completing the triangle of structures along with a five star hotel in the center of an artificial lake and a “ring of life” structure.

With a height of 280 meters, the tower has 60 floors above the ground and it hosts high end office spaces, low-rise office facilities, sky apartments, the Cloud financial clubhouse and car parking on two floors underground. Spreading over a surface of 17000 square meters is the podium building where the commercial spaces and service functions for the tower are located.



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