New Age Clinic by IGLO Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Jun 2014 11:07 am | Other

The New Age Clinic specializes in plastic surgery and it is located on the 12th floor of the Fulya Terrace building in Istanbul, Turkey with an interesting interior space designed by the IGLO Architects practice.

The designers colored the walls to make the space more diverse and the two plastic surgeons who founded the clinic wanted a style which would reflect their personality as well as the purpose of the place.

The graphical arrangements of the carpets, the furniture and the illumination were all carefully picked and there are four rooms and a lobby in the clinic which were present in the original plan so the 250 square meter surface was left untouched to host the operation room, the consultation room, the accounting and archives.

The main tone is a dark gray which emphasizes the colors of the furniture and there aren’t any structural elements implemented to maintain a modern, minimalist ambiance. The desk in the lobby was designed by IGLO specifically for this project.



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