Nest House by WOHA

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Jul 2013 6:44 pm | Homes

Called the Nest House due to its uncommon shape, this project was designed by the WOHA architectural practice and is located in Singapore.

The project is a part of a larger family compound that also consists of a house where the owner’s grandfather lives so that the new house is oriented toward the older house as a way of keeping them in touch all the time.

The ground floor contains the living area opening to the garden and the floor above hosts the private areas with a curved screen as a cover. The gardens are landscaped to remind of a forest while the rooms act as nests placed in-between them.

The interiors are covered with a screen made from timber and aluminum with screens acting as protection from weather and filtering the light and air during the daytime while also adding extra privacy. The walls on which the rooms have been perched are designed as modular blocks that were randomly placed one on top of the other made from stone and pre-cast concrete with a texture similar to that of the bark.



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