Nebbessa Table by Nuvist

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Nov 2013 3:10 pm | Other

After we covered the Evfyra Table (here) and the Bar Lounge (here), it is time to look at another elegant and versatile creation of the Nuvist design studio in the shape of the Nebbessa Table which features the same smooth curvilinear lines as the former pieces in a constant attempt to improve and redefine the idea of a fluid language.

The Table is inspired by the wave formations and has a single leg making it appear as extremely delicate and light but still manages to be quite ergonomic. The surface is reflective and thus increases the luminosity of the site.

The geometry and neutral color was chosen to allow the table to fit in both modern and classic space and there is a smaller version as well to compensate the lack of storage space such as drawers. The two items complete each other in a beautiful way and you can find them in a large array of colors to fit perfectly into your interior.



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