Navis Offices by RMW Architecture and Interiors

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Aug 2013 1:23 pm | Offices

Navis is a firm which focuses on terminal operating systems software and it was founded 25 years ago by two UC Berkeley PhDs to seek solutions for the storing containers on the shipping vessels which led to a complete terminal system for logistics.

The company grew constantly but the headquarters were always in Oakland, California. After a while they decided to move the headquarters to the Jack London Square where there was a chance to improve the company culture and bring it closer to the contemporary trends.

The RMW Architecture and Interiors firm was employed to design the new space and they used simple elements such as accent painting, carpeting and ceiling and wall scrims to create and open space which encourages interaction and exchange of ideas while also improving the flow of personnel.

The areas are organized as gathering spaces, open workstations, private offices, meeting rooms and a reception area which has a neon sign to remind of the initial headquarters.



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