NAU Restaurant by Sandra Moura

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Feb 2015 2:17 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The NAU Restaurant located in Brasilia, Brazil is a luxurious venue standing next to the Paranoa Lake and it was designed by the architect Sandra Moura in 2013 to bring a harmonious presence that creates a transition between the nearby sea and the concrete urban landscape.

The designer began with the Mangai restaurant which was already completed for the same chain owning the NAU so the two projects were joined since they were occupying adjacent sites with only ten meters between them.

The weathering steel is the predominant element on both facades and it cuts the palm leaf figure with Brasilia concrete to balance the two materials. The Nau spreads over three floors with the first one containing the main dining area, kitchen and service zones, while the ground floor holds the parking areas and technical facilities and the top floor is a space dedicated for special events.

The aesthetic offers references to the marine landscape that is also visible in the menu and there are even two hanging boats to let visitors know the cuisine they are about to experience.


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