Natural Pool by Balena GmbH

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Jun 2016 7:12 am | Other

This project tries to transform the pool into something more similar to a pond and it was designed by Balena GmbH in Germany as a soothing private pool filled with natural water.

The Natural Pool uses the TeichMeister Filter-System for clearing since they feature an aquatic biology which provides a long-term stability while also offering the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic quality.

Although a pond can greatly improve the landscape it is also quite a handful to maintain and with this system the functionality is ensured for a long period of time without the need for chemical additives but only requiring regular cleaning.

Even if there is an amount of microorganisms in the water, the TeichMeister system ensures the safe bathing or swimming so that for all purposes the pond is just like a swimming pool but with the looks of a natural pond which makes it a lot more attractive and better suited for a natural landscape.



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