National Trade Building by Studio Marco Piva

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 May 2016 5:24 am | Other

The National Trade Building in the city of Harbin, China was designed by the Studio Marco Piva and it is comprised of four towers connected together which host a hotel and three residential buildings acting as a landmark in the area and as a symbol of the growth of the region.

The city has a harsh climate with very cold winters and temperate summers so the designers created a structure that reduces the energy consumption and retains heat. The advanced glazing of the façade and the textured elevations offer a pattern that reflects the urban surroundings while also standing out and attracting the attention of the passers-by.

To emphasize the buildings even more LED lighting strips were integrated into the façade making it a beacon of light during the nighttime. The construction of the project is ready to begin and the designers expect the National Trade Building to be completed in 2016.



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