National Library of Sejong City by S.A.M.O.O. Architects & Engineers

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 May 2016 4:50 am | Other

The practice of S.A.M.O.O. Architects & Engineers designed the National Library of Sejong City which is the first branch facility of the National Library of Korea and it was built in the multifunctional administrative municipality of the country.

The design has a swooping roof which wishes to resemble a book page turned over thus hinting at the purpose of the building. The library gives access to both the classical book formats as well as to the digital information support to allow a convenient way to get up to date.

The entrance features a pedestrian plaza which is visually connected to the interior and allows the visitors to easily find their way. The two first floors have open layouts and a lot of areas designed specifically for reading, while the third floor is where the more private programs reside such as the seminar rooms or the conference facilities. The last floor is where you can find a dining area and there are rooftop terraces with views of the lake and the surroundings.



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