National Library of Israel by Moshe Safdie

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Sep 2013 5:38 pm | Other

The Moshe Safdie architectural practice proposed an impressive design for the National Library of Israel featuring a varied structure with a varied program that connects the multiple axes of the site offering a strong link with the landscape.

The project is a synthesis between the traditional building and the technological tectonics designed as a buoyant structural roof enclosed in white fritted glass. The structure is built with precast concrete inlaid with Jerusalem stone passing over the exterior landscape and indoor promenades while also ensuring abundant natural light inside through the permeable roof.

The light furniture and open interior spaces with the aid of extensive glazing reduce the need for artificial illumination and the radiant heating and cooling localize the air displacement while being supported by geothermal cooling, earth buffering and thermal labyrinth systems. Aside from the already mentioned sustainable features the project also has a rainwater reclamation system to take care of the landscape irrigation and provide water in the building.



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