National Gymnastics Arena in Azerbaijan by Broadway Malyan

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 May 2014 9:12 pm | Sport Arenas

The National Gymnastics Arena located in Baku, Azerbaijan was designed in 2011 by the Broadway Malyan architectural practice after winning the international competition and the firm was appointed by the PASHA construction company to lead the development of the arena through all its processes.

The arena has 9000 seats and its design covered the architectural elements, the landscape as well as the graphics, signs, ticketing and orientation. The exterior of the structure is surrounded by strips of shading referencing the rhythmic gymnast with three ribbon louvers to set the solar gain and to provide an overview of the surroundings.

The illumination makes the arena stand out during nighttime with dynamic lighting rendering the three distinct bands in the country’s national colors. The seating inside is retractable and can be moved to adapt the space for various sporting events or concerts and the stadium will be a part of a central complex inaugurating the European games of 2015.



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