Nanfung Developments luxury interiors by Kelly Hoppen MBE

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Mar 2013 9:56 am | Apartments

The Nanfung Developments project, designed by Kelly Hoppen MBE was been completed this year in the city of Hong Kong and it is composed of two penthouses that offer plenty of luxury and style that are typical of this design practice.

Some of the furniture is also designed by Kelly Hoppen Home, such as the coffee table in the living room, and each piece is carefully picked and placed to offer the maximum amount of comfort and beauty to the rooms. There is also a lot of diversity in the types of furniture that they chose to incorporate, trying to offer a fusion of the oriental and the occidental with pieces such as an ottoman, a side table made from organic log and black wood or Ochre chainmail chandeliers.

The eclectic furniture sets are emphasized further through the neutral colors and the bright illumination to offer a design that transcends the contemporary archetypes and aims at a perennial beauty.



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