Nagyerdo Football Stadium by BORD

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Jun 2014 5:07 pm | Stadiums

The Nagyerdo Football Stadium in Debrecen, Hungary was designed in 2014 by the BORD architectural practice in the middle of a forest which is in the heart of the city with protected oak trees.

The Nagyerdo wild forest is a part of a large-scale reconstruction and the stadium is a part of the development to draw the area into the city circulation as a city park that would provide a new green area.

To encourage a healthier lifestyle, the area is equipped with new sports and recreational facilities while also refurbishing the existing football stadium which was built during the 1930s. The new stadium has a capacity of 20000 seats and its access route was clearly divided from the recreational areas of the park through a promenade which was lifted to the level of the tree canopies.

There are bars, restaurants, exhibition areas, fitness and wellness opportunities on the park level of the stadium that maintain a connection with the park and ensure an ideal area for leisure and cultural experiences.



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