Nagatino 2.0 Coworking Center by Ruslan Aydarov Architecture Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Apr 2014 7:33 pm | Offices

The top floor of this former furniture factory located in Moscow, Russia was transformed into the Nagatino 2.0 Coworking Center by the Ruslan Aydarov Architecture Studio with an open plan that maintains a visual connection between the different areas.

The clients imposed an extremely tight schedule to the designers, namely they had to complete the design in one week and to build it in one month which led to some compromises such as the furniture and illumination being commissioned only from domestic producers.

The original level had a surface of 603 square meters and the addition of four local platforms made of welded metal extended the space to 748 square meters. The center has seven working areas that offer 100 seats, a large coffee zone, a mini hostel with five beds, a children’s room, three bathrooms and two shower rooms all of them in an ambiance that combines industrial and contemporary features.



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