The Muskiz Municipal Sports Centre Extension by G&C Arquitectos

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 May 2014 9:35 am | Sport Arenas

The Muskiz Municipal Sports Centre Extension located in Biscay, Spain was designed by the G&C Arquitectos practice in 2014 and it is located on a flat plot of land in the center of the village with three levels that are accessed through a low staircase.

The central entrance has four front access pilasters and the expansion adds fitness and spinning areas along with an emergency exit from the multipurpose courts. The designers had to bring the building up to date and to increase its functionality so that it would be easier to use while also making it more attractive through the emphasis on the existing façade.

The extension has a prismatic volume coming up from the main façade as a milestone and the façade is made from perforated metal sheets that allow a glimpse of the interior while also camouflaging the new fire escape behind it.

The ground floor hosts the changing rooms, a shower area and toilets, the first floor extends the original gym, the second floor expands the spinning room and the third floor offers a new multipurpose room.



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