Music Conservatory in Melun by DE-SO

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Oct 2014 9:47 am | Education

The DE-SO architectural practice designed the Music Conservatory for the city of Melun, France with a modernist aesthetic that integrates with the surroundings, offering a music box-like structure with brick walls and a copper aluminum alloy cladding.

The geometry fits well into the site and emphasizes the skyline, while the golden openings bring out the façade. The designers explain their choice of materials and tones as follows: the dark brick evokes the permanence of the building, while the copper-aluminum alloy (called “Tecu Gold”) is sensual to make evident the purpose of the institution which is to teach art.

The complex science of music was employed as a guideline for the design so the venue has accurate proportions, rhythms and tensions that create its harmony. There are cross sections that vary the amount of light coming inside according to the season and the different atmospheres help to define each activity area such as the dance studio, music academy or restitution group room.


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