Museum Of The Sea In Sete by C+D Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Feb 2015 5:59 pm | Museums

The Museum of The Sea is located in the port of Sete, France and was designed by the C+D Architecture practice as an extension of the French Research Institution for the exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER) which specializes in maritime technology.

The branch reorganized the abandoned space to improve its layout and the new aesthetic is much more open toward the Mediterranean as well as offering a view of the town from the foot of Mont Saint Clair and the Theatre de la Mer.

The original structure was maintained with the removal of the sloping roofs for horizontal ones and the staircase had new openings to bring the façade together as a unitary design with thermal insulation added for extra efficiency. The white exterior makes the volume stand out as new and improved, with the interior transporting the visitors through three sequences all on the same roof.

There is a general area where the history of the port is presented, another one hosting the Aversa collection and the last area is dedicated to the tradition of jousting in the city.


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