Museum of Bavarian History by modostudio

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Dec 2015 9:04 pm | Monuments

This project is a proposed design created by the modostudio for the Museum of Bavarian History located close to the Danube River passing through Regensburg, Germany.

The structure is a single volume with a gabled roof that goes all the way to the ground as a reminiscence of the cathedral roofs of the salt banks which are common in the region. The ancient traditional architecture of the area was combined by the designers with the biergarten style offering a place for the visitors to have a meal and spend time with their friends.

The design is both modern and at the same time strongly rooted in the tradition of the area with thick timber beams, forest motifs and a panoramic view of the surroundings. The first two floors of the museum are made with reinforced concrete slabs with load-bearing walls and reinforced concrete columns supporting them.  The triangular part is instead enclosed by the wooden structure with slopes of renewable wood and vertical pillars with a tree-like pattern.



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