Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome by Studio Odile Decq

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Feb 2014 8:10 am | Museums

The Studio Odile Decq designed the roof Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome and it acts as a promenade which connects the historic 19th century structure to the environment of contemporary art crowning the existing building which used to be the old Peroni beer brewery with a terrace that offers an overview of the city.

The predominant color of the museum is black and the restaurant has dark surfaces to create a mysterious setting with light projecting from the hanging lamps and table lamps produced by Luceplan for this place.

The contemporary cog allows a rich system of experiences reaching beyond the display of contemporary art and determining the entire museums as a dynamic organism with viewpoints, walkways, routes and balconies that transform it into a place of discovery for the visitors.

The new building offers an additional 10000 square meters for the museum and it is divided into exhibition, events and video projection areas as well as offering recreation and study spaces such as a restaurant, café, book shop, reading room and lecture halls.



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