Multifunctional Sports Hall by Dico and Tiganas

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Dec 2014 10:55 pm | Indoor Arenas

This Multifunctional Sports Hall located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania was created as a part of the Cluj Arena infrastructure of training, championship and cultural events as a soccer and athletics stadium created by the Dico and Tiganas architectural practice in 2011.

The project was quite needed in a city where a quarter of the population is comprised of students and the hall brings a new connective element between the Central Garden and the Somes River bank, leading to a sports park and another public garden.

The perforated steel plates allow the light to be reflected at different angles for colorful effects and the golden accents add a royal tone to the dark gray and black atmosphere.

The exterior is a simple box-like volume with a capacity of 7227 seats and the layers of the façade were created to allow light to pass into the foyers with rectangles on the mask to recreate the patterns seen in the nets of ball sports.


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