Multi-Level Apartment in Moscow, Russia

By : Mark V | 25 Oct 2011 8:27 am | Apartments, Interiors

This apartment draws attention on its cubic capacity and the inner space that has so many things to offer. At first it was a two level apartment with a capacity of 258 sqm, located on the 18th floor. This is how it was divided: the first level was simple, it had three meter standard height and the houseroom occupied 69 sqm.

The second level houseroom was a bit different, it was larger, it covered 189 sqm and the height was discontinuous, varying from 3 to 8 meters in particular areas. This division started the idea of the current project: not a stone left unturned and all the space should be put to well use and the height of the apartment should be exploited as well.

The second level had 60 sqm in the center and it was more than 8 m high. This space was vertically divided into two levels by the new idea of the project: a whole new third level. The living room area has the highest ceiling: 4, 5 m high and it is set in the lower part that belongs to the second level. Structural beams, final trimming and ventilation were added, after the thickness of the cover was decided.

The bedroom, bathroom and a study room are to be found in the upper part on the second level and they have 3 m high ceiling. The third level has 54 sqm and the covers between the second and third floors have two clear spaces. These spaces have well established uses: one space is reserved for the staircase, the other space is very close to the window-making it seem to link two spare spaces that belong to the second and third level.

The bedroom and the study room are separated with the help of a dome that was made by glass partitions, the two rooms are located on the third level and the separation helps the light spread evenly. The floor spaces were divided in such a way to allow each nursery room receive 30sqm.The library has a high ceiling of 4,4 m and the houseroom received 35 sqm in addition.

Redesigning the apartment has made it turn from a duplex into a four-level apartment-adding 90 sqm for the house room *initially 258 sqm turned into 348 sqm*


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