MTV Networks Headquarters in Berlin

By : Mark V | 27 Jun 2015 1:56 pm | Interiors, Offices

The German creative agency Dan Pearlman was assigned to “shape” the MTV Networks Headquarters in Berlin. The MTV headquarters in Berlin now have a new reception, new meeting and break rooms and redesigned head offices, too. For a very long time the employees wanted a change in the structure and design of the headquarters.

This is why Dan Pearlman was hired, to shape up the place. He designed a new atrium that is more spacious than the previous one, it can host up to 250 employees and it can function as an informal meeting place or a place fit for taking breaks. Studies have showed that if the environment or the workplace seems open and bright, the stress diminishes.

The German agency added a touch of serenity to the building by creating the Brand Garden and the Blue Lounge. Here people can rest under an interesting canopy of leaves. Even the Network Kitchen seems inviting due to its design.Now the employees have many choices when it comes to spending their free time wisely.

Those who don’t seek to relax and who are active by nature can take a go in the Sport Lounge where they can play table tennis or table football, depending on their preferences. Because the new space seems more open ,the idea of freedom and movement is suggested by the witty concept that was just presented.

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