MRQT Boutique by ROK

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Oct 2013 6:03 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The MRQT Boutique in Stuttgart, Germany was designed by the architectural practice of Rippmann Oesterle Knauss (ROK) featuring a unique wall built with 22000 wooden sticks that go in various directions and have different lengths to create an impressive effect.

The purpose of the installation is to reproduce in an original way the delicate texture of cloth and thus fits very well with the integrated clothes hangers in its front. The installation has lighting frames to attract attention to it so that it becomes the central element with the display stands and shelves being built out of beech wood to have the same tone.

The interior is minimalistic with a concrete floor and white walls, the designers being more focused on applying their expertise in automated fabrication to create the functional and impressive space. The wall was designed with customized digital tools and CNC-drilled holes determined the direction of every stick to ensure that the end result came out as they wished.



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