Momofuku Restaurant by The Design Agency

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jul 2015 12:08 am | Restaurants & Bars

Momofuku Restaurant is located in Toronto, Canada and it was designed by The Design Agency as one of the top spots for dining due to its great dishes and wines and for its wonderful design.

The restaurant spreads over three floors with a surface of 6600 square feet and it tries to combine Asian elements with the local and American ambiance. The façade features a glass cube created by the architect James K.M. with a length of 65 feet and a height of 33 feet and inside this stainless steel sculpture is the restaurant.

The ground floor hosts the Noodle Bar which tries to maintain the same theme of organized chaos through its organic white oak walls and the black steel bridges and stairs leading to the second level. This floor hosts the Nikai bar and lounge offering a more private setting with sliding doors and warm white oak throughout.

The third floor provides communal seating with a bar made from black oak and communal round tables similar to the Chinese style. This space is called Daisho and behind it you can see the chef in an open concept kitchen.



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