The Moebius House by Tony Owen Partners

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Oct 2014 10:14 pm | Homes

The Moebius House located in Sydney, Australia was designed by the architectural practice of Tony Owen Partners with a view of the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge as well as a complex geometry that tries to maximize the light, ventilation and space indoors.

The project employs an eco-friendly way of designing houses called “micro design”, comprising of parametric modeling software to respond to the very small changes of the design input criteria so that natural ventilation, efficiency of structure and impact to the neighboring views would be optimally considered.

There are several movements of the façade that fold and twist to ensure a great connection with the outdoors and the fine geometrical changes needed a completely new system of fabrication and assembly since the construction process is closer to that of an automobile rather than a home. The steel frame was clad in metal panels that were pre-cut and brought from China and the structure was assembled around a frame similar to that of a chassis instead of walls and floor.


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