Modular Outlook Tower by Sou Fujimoto

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Nov 2013 8:51 pm | Other

The architect Sou Fujimoto unveiled his plans for the Modular Outlook Tower in Doha, Quatar a complex that employs waterfalls as a cooling technique to create a pleasant ambiance in response to the intense heat of the region.

The building blocks of the towers are modular and have intricate arches that become more transparent once they get higher with waterfalls of various sizes passing through them to create a stunning experience while also cooling the interior.

The project appears as a gateway that connects the Corniche Sea with the mainland and seems to be a mirage from afar. The waterfalls create a complex structure and they will be smaller on the top to reduce the wind’s interference and larger toward the bottom to increase the cooling.

Aside from this project, Sou Fujimoto developed a second proposal which he called Souk Mirage/Particles of Light and this project stacks structural arches on the top of one another to result in an undulating topology with retail, residential and office spaces in the center, along with exhibition areas and a community center.



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