Modular Café Interior by Penda

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Aug 2014 2:13 am | Restaurants & Bars

The Penda architectural practice completed the refurbishing of a café in Beijing, China which was commissioned by the Hongkun property developers to bring a touch of nature and vegetation into a city with a highly polluted atmosphere as a means of encouraging the clients to be more conscientious about the environment.

The interior is defined by an array of recycled steel bars that act as modular dividers with a black color that permits the setting to be freely rearranged to serve various occasions. The latticed structure can host plant boxes but also act as storage compartments for books or other items.

The wooden pots define the tone of the interior with their light tone which is contrasted by touches of gray and black. The greenery in the pots varies with air purifying plants like the spider plants, sword fern or marble queen and the idea is for the vegetation to gradually cover the entire structural framework to transform it into a living interior.


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