Modern, Rustic and Industrial Meet In A Chic Moscow Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 May 2014 8:00 am | Apartments

Located in Moscow, Russia, this impressive contemporary apartment combines industrial tones with a large array of styles and materials to create a minimalist but very diverse interior.

The color palette was thought of to match the materials and the living area has a brown leather sofa in its center which adds an interesting texture while also connecting the concrete walls and ceiling with the wooden flooring.

The illumination is ensured by neon lights and cord hanging pendant lights which enhance the industrial motif. The concrete walls and the unfinished wooden floor create a contrast to the delicate long curtains providing an eclectic ambiance.

The white wall isn’t only a dividing element but it also hosts storage areas hidden behind the sliding doors. The kitchen is integrated with the living area through a bar and the bedroom uses the same type of pendant lights and the same curtains to create cohesion between the different areas of the home.



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