Modern Penthouse in Bangkok’s Fashion District

By : Mark V | 12 Jun 2015 8:23 am | Apartments

This beautiful townhome was designed in the Siamese Blossom residential complex in the Fashion District of Bangkok and it tries to offer a connection with the surrounding gardens.

The glass walls are all vast to offer as much of the exterior as possible and thus interact with it and also increase the luminosity of the interior. The home includes a vast living area, a dining room and a kitchen at the first floor, while the second hosts two bedrooms, an office and a stylish bath.

Since the garden is always taken into consideration, the coloring on the interior is kept neutral with light colors and a few contrasts of black that fit in very well and give the whole a contemporary allure. There are drapes on all the windows for when the light becomes too much or when the inhabitants desire more privacy. There is also a great terrace that offers a view of the Fashion District and the vegetation nearby.

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