Modern Office Space from a 1940s Warehouse

By : Mark V | 30 Oct 2011 11:26 pm | Interiors, Offices

An old warehouse has turned into a contemporary three floor office space. IwamotoScott is responsible for the design of the office that as of now is the home to Obscura Digital. The designers have left their signature over custom elements of décor as well as recycled materials that were taken from the old warehouse and included in the new project.

The architects were also interested in the project due to another fact : they rent their offices from Obscura Digital in the same building. The designers from IwamotoScott have proved that a tight budget and time constraints are nothing when you rely on imagination and talent.

The three-floor building offers welcoming shared spaces. The main floor was designed to be the showroom so the designers thought to interfere with the space from the second floor as well,cutting away a part of the second floor in order to design a double height space for the showroom so that the mezzanine can be found on the second.

The metal grating that is found on the first floor comes from the metal railings that were taken from the third floor and recycled. The offices that can be found on the second floor can be easily distinguished from the rest since they are wrapped in PolyGal, PolyGal being a see-through material that opens up any space because it lets the natural light fill the rooms.

The designers from IwamotoScott have separated their workspace from the rest with a custom made BookCaseScreenWall. They are sheet metal walls that were cut by a laser and their main purpose is to divide the spaces but they are multifunctional since they can very well work as storage space for books and magazines.

The office has a very interesting style when it comes to the design, too since it looks like a fish scale.


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