Modern Kiev Apartment by Ivan Yurima Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Oct 2014 9:56 pm | Apartments

The practice of Ivan Yurima Architects designed this elegant contemporary apartment in the Pechersk district of Kiev, Ukraine for a young family that enjoys the progressive lifestyle so the interior was created for efficiency and comfort with an open layout and no corridors.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 200 square meters and the flowing spaces allowed the integration of six bedrooms, three bathrooms with an individual ambiance in each space but an overall cohesive aesthetic that offers functionality and minimalism as well as an enormous walk-in closet.

The predominant tones are white and wood for textures, while the details and materials were given special attention so ensure their high quality as well as choosing eco-friendly and energy saving solutions. The apartment has an automated system for security and comfort with automated lighting that can be switched and adjusted via mobile devices to provide the inhabitants with easy control of their surroundings.


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