Modern house in Paço de Arcos, Lisbon

By : Mark V | 15 May 2015 12:01 pm | Homes

This house acts as a shape-shifter since it was built out of several materials to recreate the idea of having various forms. It has been built on a sloping site in Alto do Lagoal in Paço de Arcos.

Broad plain surfaces and some tension spaces were combined and used so that the light could reflect on the objects highlighting the geometry-thus creating a very nice illusion that the house actually changes shape and form during daylight. The client demanded that the house should be made out of different solids so that the mass wouldn’t be too much affected.

Two facades of the house are covered by shading devices also known as metal screening. The concept is very interesting. The shading devices create textured plans and this is how windows are hidden, so that the views between interior and exterior are filtered. Basically you can control how the light is filtered, since this system acts as a sunshade control.

White mate epoxy enamel painted 10mm metal sheet was used to paint the staircases and the circulation zones: corridors and floors; the colour helping the rooms be filled with more light. White was also the choice for the walls made of plaster. Only the bathrooms have a different material-grey hued marble.

The simplicity of the bedrooms makes the house seem spacious. Industrial wood was selected for the bedroom floors with colorless wax varnish finish. The living zone is made of polished white stone and the kitchen contrasts with the rest of the house since powerful black ceramic sandstone was used to adorn it.

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