Modern HI-MACS® House in Bavaria, Germany

By : Mark V | 14 Oct 2011 9:24 pm | Homes

The villa is called this way because it is made entirely of HI-MACS® Solid Surface. The interior and exterior were covered with this material step by step, from the terrace to the countertops, even the sink didn’t get away. The building is located in Bavaria, Germany and it borrows the Bauhaus style.

The house is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, being an escape from the hectic urban life. The house stands out because the other buildings and villas have the same aspect: gabled roofs, dark wooden windows etc.

The materials used for this building are echo friendly: pine boards that are LEFC-certified, insulation from Interhmo and not to mention the material that gave the name of the house which is composed of 75% natural minerals and pigments and 25% acrylates. All these materials combined endure the weather changes.

The interior and the elements of décor are interesting, too. Ultra-white surrounds every room, but it doesn’t make the rooms seem cold. The main floor has a dining table that was custom made. The fireplace divides the spaces. There is also a beautiful highlighted art niche. And the light that fills the rooms makes the house seem warm and inviting.

The client loved the HI-MACS® material so much that he decided to design garden furniture made completely from HI-MACS® for the Spring.


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