Modern Family Apartment in Taiwan by House Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 May 2014 7:45 pm | Apartments

The House Design studio from China designed this highly functional family apartment in Taiwan to disguise the small size while also taking care of the needs of the inhabitants and offering a modern setting with vibrant colors and natural elements integrated.

The large TV is the central element in the living areas with a cooking zone and an office space nearby, and the TV can rotate to face different directions so that it can always be viewed, no matter the activity in which the inhabitants are engaged in.

The various functions of the interior are separated through the geometry and the different materials used, so that the wood adds a warm natural tone and texture, while also decorating details such as the sofa framing or the shelves. The natural light is filtered through blinds and curtains to add extra privacy and the flooring is glossy to expand the feeling of space.



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