Modern Downtown Apartment in Amsterdam

By : Mark V | 25 Jun 2015 6:55 am | Apartments, Interiors

When you’re in Amsterdam you might want to seek the comfort of a luxury hotel but you`d also want to have a bit of privacy. We have the perfect solution: this downtown apartment offers comfort, luxury and privacy and an unusual, but beautiful architecture.

The design includes the typical, contemporary Dutch style but it has some oriental influences, overall the design is innovative. The apartment can very well function as a meeting place or as a business space, but it was created to serve as a holiday retreat. Another advantage that this apartment holds is that it lies in the centre of Amsterdam, where the fun is.

There is something minimalistic when it comes to the elements of décor – they aren’t abundant, making the apartment seem more spacious. The utilities, the comfort, the design of the apartment, its key location make it act like a five-star hotel. The pieces of furniture keep the notes of a modern design, being urban and contemporary,without intricate elements or an overbearing style.

The combination of elements can be easily noticed, starting with the walls that are white or made of bricks. The bricks are a traditional element in interior design, but this effect contributes to the charm of the apartment, the other elements being purely contemporary.

The pieces of furniture have a modern style and so do the elements of décor and another thing that you notice about this apartment is that it is full of plants in every single room. It only costs you 195 euros per night, a sum that fits the functions and the design of the apartment.






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